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It was founded with the simple aim of becoming a reservoir of information that is interesting, clear, and in accordance with facts. We want to make young people become movers for everything by starting with reading.

Reading is a basic tool in the leaving of Good Live.


Founded by Samuel Berrit Olam and Harpen Nasri, RemahRemah has a vision to make RemahRemah a place of accurate and trusted information. With the development of technology developed by the RemahRemah team, the RemahRemah mission to make an impact on young people in Indonesia is even greater.

Reading gives us someplace to go when we have to stay where we are

Mason Cooley

Enjoy the content that has been created by RemahRemah. If you have questions, please contact RemahRemah on the contact us page.

Warm Regards,
Samuel Berrit Olam and Harpen Nasri